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Shalah Collins is the Managing Director of her online store Shalah's Corner. She is an Author, Writer and Communications Specialist. When she isn't organizing words, and affairs, she can be found in advocacy mode advancing her passions to the issues that impact her life. She is a parent and advocate for Gifted Children and Parents of Gifted Children. She was a Former Union Official, and Chapter Chair under District Council 37 in New York City, and a former Police Communications Technician for the New York City Police Department. She is certified in Labor Relations, and obtained her BA in Communications from the College of New Rochelle, NY. Shalah Collins was born and raised in Brooklyn New York which she says is the "stomping grounds where it all began". She enjoys singing, roller skating, karaoke "Rock Star Nights" and writing about a host of topics including topics considered to be controversial and political. "The truth is a hard pull to swallow, but it is absolutely necessary for reflection and change." She is a comedian at heart, and as cool a customer as it gets. Lover of art and dope things. She will speak her mind if you allow her to, and she can't wait to start speaking to you. The #literarystorm coming to you from New York City, Shalah Collins is happy to join the team.

Black Women Voters No other loyal voting block has contributed to the democratic party like Black women. In the contentious presidential election cycle of 2016,...
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