Bleu Royal Spirits Is The New Liquor Brand To Watch Out For!

Bleu Royal Spirits Is The New Liquor Brand To Watch Out For!


By Moise Michel

I had the pleasure of interviewing the New York based entrepreneur Sloteur Joseph about his new liquor brand. Bleu Royal Spirits is a concoction of tequila and rum mixed together. Concoction drinks are a “no-no” in the liquor industry, but Mr. Joseph isn’t letting anyone or anything deter him from accomplishing a vision he intends to fulfill! So watch out for this silky smooth drink that will be in stores nationwide very, very soon!

Q: Where are you from?

A: Born in Haiti and raised in Rockland County, New York.

Q: How was life for you growing up?

A: I had a great life growing up in my eyes, but others may see it as coming from the bottom. But I had great friends and great family structure that carried me through.

Q: What inspired you to create “Bleu
Royal Spirits” liquor?

A: Bleu Royal® you can say was created because there was a void in the market. There was a need for the luxury classy spirit that had appeal to a mass audience. The search for the inspirational brand was missing. And of course it had to be of the highest quality and taste. Strong enough for the aficionados and smooth enough for even those that don’t drink.

Q:How has your journey been so far in
the liquor industry?

A: It’s been tough being a new brand not only that, we are not just a traditional liquor; we are an infusion of tequila and Rum. So we are a category creator and puts yet another hurdle in our path to overcome. Couple all that with the fact that we are black owned, it’s been tough. But we turned all those negatives into a positive. The 1st plus is that we are a new product to the market, everyone wants to be invoked with the new. Then we are a category creator that means there’s nothing like us in the market so we are it. Then we are black owned, that means we are the trendsetters and the cool kids on the block. There’s not to many black owned brands out. Once we figured out that the negative things were actually positives, it was smooth from then on. It’s all a matter of perspective. How do you view yourself and the world. Are you going to make excuses or are you going to see that your “WHY” is bigger than the excuses.

Q: As a black man, what are some of the
pitfalls you have encountered in the liquor industry which is a white dominated industry?

A: I kind of touched on that the prior question, but again it is really tough. People slamming doors in your face, not being taking you seriously; but there are people out there that will give you the chance. But once you get that chance, your product must blow them away. You can’t just have an average product. Your presentation has to blow them away before they even taste the liquid. When you can do that, then your liquid have to win their hearts. We knew that going in and that’s why we pulled all the stops and made sure we were the best going in. And the product put them in a position where they couldn’t refuse it. We entered some competitions and won medals to get the right to be in the room with the decision makers.

Q: What are some of the lessons you have gained from the liquor industry?

A: We learned a few things along the way. One major thing we learned is that people reading things wanting to be in the industry should know is “you can have the best product in the world, but if you can’t market it you just have a myth”.

Q:What advice would you give a young
black man who would like to create a
liquor brand just like you have?

A: Well I’d say don’t do it just like us, cause you don’t need the competition lol. Seriously, if you have a vision of what you want your drink to be just stay the course. Don’t let people try to discourage you and steer you away from the dream. For example we had a lot of people telling us not to mix 2 liquors together because that’s never been done. Our thought was great that’s what we are going for. They told us don’t put it in a blue bottle because there’s no Rum or tequila in blue bottles, we said great that’s what we were going for. I’m not saying don’t take advice but what I am saying is if it takes you away from your core vision you should really think about if that advice is your core or someone’s opinion of what they want you to fit in.

Q: What is the mission statement for
“Bleu Royal Spirits”?

A: Simply put: Bleu Royal® is an inspirational brand. We set to bring elegance luxury and a lifestyle to the masses and inspire them to be great.

Q:Where do you see your brand 5-10 years down the road?

A: Five years Bleu Royal® will be a household brand with distribution in at least 40 of the 50 states in the US with a couple countries abroad. But in 10 years I see the brand get lots of offers from the major companies in an attempt to buy us out.

Q:What would you like to tell people who haven’t it tried it as of yet why they wouldn’t be disappointed if they did?

A: Well to all the people, I want to tell them to be patient with us and we are working on getting Bleu Royal® in their hands. We don’t really say try or taste Bleu Royal® we say EXPERIENCE Bleu Royal®. Cause that’s the best way to describe it. It’s a completely new experience to hold that blue diamond bottle and watch that silky smooth liquid pour into your glass. Then smelling the aroma of the alcohol to that first sip. That moment is golden. You can see why it’s an experience. There is nothing like it on the market and the professionals in the industry have spoken they gave us the medal that says you won’t be disappointed.


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