Bronx Man Convicted of Murdering MOMA Chef Hwang Yang for His iPhone in 2012


    In 2012, Hwang Yang was shot inside Manhattan’s Ewen Park by a man who proceeded to steal his iPhone, leaving Yang for dead. The 26-year-old had been working as a chef at the Museum of Modern Art and had been quickly establishing himself in New York’s restaurant scene.

    Now, after three years, Dominic Davis, the man who shot and robbed Yang, has been convicted of murder. The 23-year-old faces 25 years to life once sentenced in January.

    “We’re just pretty happy with him being guilty,” said Hwang’s sister, Sunah Yang.

    On the night of the murder, Hwang Yang left Modern, the French-American restaurant he worked at in the Museum of Modern Art. After the leaving the 232nd and Broadway subway station, Davis and his accomplice, Alejandro Campos, trailed him in a van.

    Davis then appeared, shooting Yang and taking his iPhone.

    According to CBS News in New York, Yang was pronounced dead at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital soon after.

    It appears the murder had been driven by the accomplices’ planned robbery. As of 2014, 55% of all Americans owned smart phones; these items are an ever-present commodity in American society only becoming more readily available in recent years.

    According to police reports, Campos sold the phone on Craigslist for $400.

    But according to reports from 2012, the break in the case transpired when someone tried registering the stolen phone. From there, Craigslist helped the lead detectives to apprehend and arrest both Davis and Campos.

    Outside of the Bronx Supreme Courthouse, Yang’s relatives wept for him — partially in grief and partially in relief. While Davis has finally been convicted and sentenced, it does not bring back the young, aspiring Korean chef.

    And Yang’s family is in disbelief that his murder transpired because of his cell phone.

    “I can’t believe they tried just for iPhone, tried to kill someone just for iPhone,” Sunah Yang told CBS 2 in 2012.
    “It’s hard, it’s really tough, but I have to be there,” Sunah Yang told the Daily News. “He’s my only brother. It’s just me and him.”