Grammy Award Winning Producer Zaytoven Teams Up With Ludio

Grammy Award Winning Producer Zaytoven Teams Up With Ludio

Left to Right: Ludio owner, Kirk, mega music producer Zaytoven and Brainyloft owner; Ace

The behind the scenes team at set out to solve specific problems that affect the Entertainment & Music Industry. The lack of progressive innovation has been one of the biggest challenges faced by not only commercial artists and major corporations but also, has affected the consumers of music. Unlike major streaming services such as Tidal, Spotify, and SoundCloud, the Ludio platform is a multi-dimensional business model that gives consumers a variety of different user experiences to engage and collaborate with a top-level professional.

The platform’s launch of their first unique user experience involved Super Producer, Grammy Award Winner Zaytoven Beats. Zaytoven, is known for producing hits for A-Listers like Future, Usher, Migos and is currently working on projects with Jay-Z, just to name a few. Ludio & Zaytoven have partnered in search for the most talented producers from around the world. The platform, provides music producers with a quick and easy way to upload their best musical compilations to be shared with the thousands of users within the Ludio community. Each submitted track is reviewed by the entire A&R team and is judged on quality and creativity. Fans of the producer can review submissions and vote for their favorite tracks directly through the platform’s Facebook API. Ludio has attracted the ears of not only fans but other Super Producers such as Timbaland, and a plethora of vocal artists as well as Industry Executives. Through Ludio, new talent is being discovered daily and producers are garnering plays in the six-figure range.

Ludio, calls this project, the #LudioChallenge. Thousands of producers across the world have signed up and uploaded their beats, to be selected to co-produce a track with Zaytoven and receive 20% of publishing. For any music producer this is a huge opportunity, but for a new break out musician this is a dream come true. As part of the Grand Prize Package for winning, the top producer will receive an all expense roundtrip work/vacation to Atlanta. Additionally, the 2nd-4th place finishers of the contest will be flown to Atlanta as well to witness the collaboration experience with a Super Producer. “It’s amazing to see the amount of traction some of these producers are getting, before Ludio they never broke over 10k spins, and now they are on their way to reach a million plays.” – Ace Bhakti Founder/CEO of Brainyloft Inc. 

The Ludio platform is a collaborative effort with Philadelphia based tech company, Brainyloft Inc. Brainyloft offers an unique incubation program for entrepreneurs/start-ups and gives them the technical resources needed to help make their vision come to life, while consulting the entire process from ideation to viable product. Both Ludio and Brainyloft are great examples of businesses that showcase the growing tech landscape in Philadelphia.

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About Brainyloft Inc:

Brainyloft is an immersive mobile marketing creative agency, that works with brands to make the world a better place through social impact and sustainability. We push the limits on creativity and innovation by leveraging data using Human Assisted Artificial Intelligence (HAAI), machine learning and automation to grow audiences, increase sales, build powerful sources of insight and deliver an impressive ROI.