Imitation of Life In Art

Imitation of Life In Art


Interior Abstract Artist and CEO/Founder of DSD(Doing Something Different) Paintings, Derwin Scott knows how to turn your vision into an original custom art design. Scott is an independent designer who specializes in creating dramatic abstract canvases for interior decor. At age 28, Scott has already had his paintings showcased in display homes, churches, and college dorms. As an artist, he believes it’s essential for every art design to be authentic and never similar to anything he’s designed before.

The Baltimore-based painter, began his artistic journey two years ago after moving into his new apartment. So eager to decorate and find the perfect art piece for his wall, Scott traveled to every local interior design store in hopes to find exactly what aligned with his decorative edgy style. After being disappointed with the limited selection in every store. With his frustration, Scott decided to create his own wall art.

It’s only been a short period of time since Scott began his unique venture. The Interior artist, has already established a broad clientele from pro-athletes, realtor investors, and local socialites in the Tri-State area.

From the beginning, Scott enjoys and allows his clients to be apart of the creative process every step of the way. “I create room for client-to-artist participation,” said Scott. Therefore, after having your first consultation, don’t think as a client your job is done. “I allow my clients to choose their own colors, which not a lot of artist do,” says Scott. “I also Facetime them or send videos of the process and steps of their art piece.”

derwin-scott-compressorDoing Something Different Paintings, philosophy and designs are not only distinctive but a thriving platform necessary for anyone needing to transform their triumphs expressed through art form. “I hope to gain more clients who are driven and desire to have a painting that represents their struggles but strength too,” says Scott. As a young entrepreneur, he continues to find ways to network, build his brand and travel any where his expertise is needed.

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