In Sickness and In Health

In Sickness and In Health


Traffic was so backed up with semi-trucks and school buses we could barely see the sign for our exit. It was about 8:40am. I had to be at work by 9am. Clocking in at 9:01am was not at option.

Hasani rubbed his face in exhaustion. He’d been up the previous day rushing me around naturopathic doctors and herbalists trying to help me fight off a stomach bug. Not to mention he’d been up since 5am in order to make it to the gym before work.

Hasani looked at this phone and found an alternative route to get me to work.

“I can get you to the door by 8:55, but the rest is up to you,” he said seriously.

I nodded in agreement. I was still nacreous from my stomach bug and was trying not to vomit in the car.

Watching him dodge red lights and zip through side streets did not help ease my stomach, but I couldn’t help but smile the whole way. Even in his lethargic state, he was able to put forth his remaining energy to make sure he kept his promise to me. Even if it was just getting me to work on time, he was not going to let me down.

After some inappropriate words to other drivers he managed to get me at my building at exactly 8:55. I went to grab for my lunch and he said, “Just leave it I’ll bring it to you.”

I took an extra second to say “I love you” and rushed up the elevator.

Hasani came to my desk around 9:15am with leftover “substitute chicken” noddle soup he’d made for dinner last night and a mixed berry smoothie. Before I could thank him he asked, “Did you make it on time?”

I smiled and said, “With two minutes to spare.”

His shoulders relaxed, I expressed my gratitude and he went to his building to get the work day started.

I am never surprised by the extra lengths my husband will go for me in times of need. Whether it’s taking a day off work to cater to me while I’m ill, or making sure I don’t get glared at from my boss for being late. After being together 6 years I can say Hasani always tries to be there when I need him.

Dependable and fine – I’m a lucky woman to call him my man.

In summary, relationships are about being there for the person the best way you can be. Even working on limited sleep Hasani was able to provide for me in every way that I needed him. In sickness and in health, he is my partner and is always up for a challenge.

Marriage will have its good and bad days, but remember, the best part of marriage is that on your lowest days, you can count on your partner to lift you up.