Richard Wasserman Named a Volunteer of the Year by YMCA of Greater...

Richard Wasserman Named a Volunteer of the Year by YMCA of Greater NY

NYC Jeweler Passionate About Sending NY Kids to YMCA Summer Camp

Richard Wasserman with Children at Vanderbilt Y

One hot summer day, Richard Wasserman saw a little girl standing on the streets of New York while her mother worked. “She was out there all day, and then the next day, and the day after that,” Wasserman explained. “And it was really hot. I couldn’t take it anymore. I asked her mother, “Why is she here with you? Why don’t you send her to camp?”

The answer was simple – money. That day changed Richard Wasserman’s life. He’d attended YMCA camp as a young man, and reconnected with that organization to see what could be done for that little girl. She was able to attend camp and get away from New York’s sweltering summer weather, but Wasserman was just getting started. He became a tireless fundraiser for the Vanderbuilt YMCA, and has personally helped send dozens of children to camp. To celebrate his accomplishment and devotion, the YMCA of Greater NY named Richard Wasserman as one of 2017’s Volunteer of the Year.

“This is an honor and a privilege,” Richard Wasserman said. “Much of the credit goes to the countless people who have supported me in this endeavor, including my colleagues from the Jewelers Trading Network. Being able to provide local disadvantaged children with an amazing summer experience changes their lives – and it has definitely changed mine as well, for the better! I’d encourage everyone to find out more what we are doing and how you can help by visiting….

Wasserman’s goal this year is to send 30 children to camp, which will cost at least $18,000.