Spicing Up Your Sex Life In A Long Distance Relationship

Spicing Up Your Sex Life In A Long Distance Relationship


Having a relationship and learning new ways to keep your relationship and sex life spicy, can be challenging at times. So, with that being said it’s time to find and practice different ways to keep your relationship sizzling. According to statistics, nearly 15 million people consider themselves in a long distance relationship. Perhaps, you’re included in that category and if this is true, you’re in luck because we know just how to add some thrill to your relationship. We promise that after reading a few of our tips, you and your distant lover’s bond will be unbreakable, and distance will not even be a factor.

Send Unexpected Gifts


You can never go wrong with surprising your partner with unexpected gifts, whether it’s a care package or let’s just say an “adult” gift. From a long day of work, the last thing your partner would expect is a little extra mail from you. So, if you’re currently experiencing a long distance relationship, you may want to keep this tip in mind.

Erotic & Electronics


Of course, this part of your relationship will be the most exciting and fun. Don’t let your distance be an excuse for having a boring sex life. Your sex life and relationship can still be spontaneous, you just have to add a few gadgets in the scenario to make it thrilling. Remember sex is natural and finding interesting ways to arouse your partner, whether it be in person or through Skype, is perfectly normal. No reason to be embarrassed. Maintaining this fun attribute in your long distance relationship will only intensify your partners anticipation to see you.

Love Letters


Write, Write, Write. Okay, we don’t expect you to write until your hand catches a cramp. Duh! However, showing that additional display of affection through a ballpoint pen will have your partner smiling from ear to ear. And don’t be afraid to be descriptive about your true feelings for your partner, whether it’s how much you love and miss them, physically and emotionally.

Date Night


Schedule a romantic date night one day out the week for you and your partner to video chat and play games. Clearly, the reason for your distance is because of a busy schedule that’s most likely job or school related. If this is the case, set aside one night that is solely dedicated to spending time with your partner. Showing this gratitude and attention to your partner will definitely not go unnoticed and benefit your relationship in the long run.

Refrain from Arguing


Lastly, depending on the situation, it’s important to refrain from arguing with your partner as much as possible. Having a long distance relationship can be enough strain on the both of you and the relationship. Therefore, avoid all the petty arguments and issues that can be resolved easily. We understand every relationship has its humps and bumps but contributing more tension to an already frustrating period in your relationship is the last thing you both need. This could happen a lot when you haven’t gotten any in a while. With that said, perhaps you can role play with your partner? Let your imagination run wild and have fun and don’t be so quick to put limits where there need not.