A Successful Year Without Fear

A Successful Year Without Fear


2017 will be a hard year to top but we already have some ideas on how to keep pushing forward. Within the past year my husband and I finished our book “Fasting: Make Your Love Electric”, launched our business Twin Flame Coalition, brought our second son into the world, visited 3 different countries on a cruise, purchased a car, and purchased a home. Needless to say, we can proudly stamp SUCCESS on the last 11 months.

Sometimes we have to be as thankful for what did happen as well as what didn’t.

We are in the business of using spiritual purification practices to restore relationships to their optimum level. For the past year we were jumping around to try to find a way to get our message heard and build clientele.

We did weekly classes before I went into labor but those weren’t as successful as we needed them to be. We focused on our blog and also began posting information to YouTube. Nothing was really bringing in the audience, or income, we wanted. I was beginning to feel as if failure was approaching.

We knew it was time to stop beating around the bush and create a specific high-ticket item to sell. Within the past few months we created a 6-week fasting program titled “Love. Fast. Grow” for couples or singles. The program was a new turning point for us. Even as separate people my husband and I were always writers and speakers. Transitioning into program coordinators was something we’d considered and experimented with, but hadn’t solidified yet.

In order to ensure our program was a success, we hired a business strategist to help us with program details, marketing, and mindset work. She was a great support system to lean on for personal and business concerns. As a mother as well, she was able to understand our exhaustion with our newborn and toddler, but also push us to promote the program we knew the world needed.

When things weren’t working for our company (low book sales, low attendance to classes, etc.) we were getting to a point of sheer frustration. I’m grateful those things weren’t as successful as we had hoped. Had we succeeded in those avenues, we may not have created this program which is now the primary source of income for our company.

The idea of failure is my biggest fear. To be honest it has distracted me from some great opportunities in the past. In the past year I had to eliminate not only the fear of failure, but the fear of fear itself. I knew if continued to fear things such as change, help, or my own value, Twin Flame Coalition was going to become nothing more than a dream.

As a current work from home mom, balancing the business and the family is a struggle. Occasionally I still fear that I am not doing enough to move us to the next level of entrepreneurship. When those thoughts rise I remember a quote from one of my favorite childhood movies The Incredibles:

“Doubt is a luxury that we can no longer afford”

This quote should be attached to every venture you encounter. Doubt can be just as dangerous and destructive as fear and there is no place for it in your business. If I hadn’t changed my mindset and eliminated my fear and doubt, I may still be in the position I was in 2 years ago. You never know what your insecurity could be doing to your success, but positivity will always lead you in the right direction.