SUV Swerves onto Sidewalk in Brooklyn, Killing One Woman and Injuring Two Others


    A fatal accident in Brooklyn on Sunday resulted in the death of one woman, and the unlicensed driver responsible for the crash is now behind bars.

    According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, 30-year-old Victoria Nicodemus was struck and killed by a 2004 Chevrolet SUV after it jumped the curb onto a sidewalk to avoid a bus that stopped abruptly.

    The driver of the vehicle, 39-year-old Brooklyn native Marlon Sewell, is being charged with aggravated unlicensed operation and driving without a license.

    Nicodemus was walking on Fulton Street in Fort Greene when the car careened onto the sidewalk. The vehicle struck two other women, a 37-year-old and a 75-year-old, whose names have not yet been released by the NYPD. Both of these victims suffered non-life threatening injuries.

    While these two women escaped with their lives, Nicodemus did not. She became trapped under the vehicle when it came to a stop and was pronounced dead after being transported to Brooklyn Hospital.

    Nicodemus is a native of nearby Wappingers Falls. She studied art history at the University of San Diego before moving to Brooklyn Heights, where she got a job curating art collections across the country.

    According to Gawker, the fatal accident comes on the heels of the De Blasio administration’s recent implementation of Sweden’s “Vision Zero” traffic plan. The new laws have led to a widespread decrease in city speed limits and harsher penalties for those who fail to yield to pedestrians.

    “We have to put the most important thing first, which is saving lives. Not rushing to your next appointment, trying to get through one more light, but actually saving lives,” De Blasio said last month.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that over three million injuries and 40,000 deaths result from the estimated 5.5 million car accidents in the U.S. each year. As of Friday, pedestrian deaths in New York City were down to 120 this year from 125 in 2014, marking a 4% decrease since the “Vision Zero” plan was adopted.

    Gawker is also reporting a peculiar situation involving a bystander of the crash. Surveillance video of the accident shows a female witness taking bites from her slice of pizza as she casually walks away from the scene.

    The bizarre video has prompted conflicting opinions on the woman’s behavior. Xiomara Morgan, who works at a cafe near the crash and saw one of the victims crawl through blood to help Nicodemus, was both understanding and critical of the pizza-eating woman’s response to the accident.

    “Honestly, I can’t judge her. She has her own reason for walking away in a situation like that,” said Morgan. “You see all this commotion and turn around and take a bite? I wouldn’t have even had an appetite,” Morgan added.

    In more uplifting news, the surveillance video also shows a number of heroic bystanders rushing to help all three woman who were struck by the vehicle.